4 Juli 2010

Tips for Getting Right Form of SEO Link Building

Any website that you find online and is successful have used SEO link building for that result. Search engines regard the links from other websites to yours as positive votes to your site and it establishes genuineness of your web content. However formation of effective and relevant links is not an easy task, as there are many service providers that use black hat SEO techniques, which is great risk factor for any website.

In White hat link building, the webmaster follows certain guidelines and rules formed by the search engines. All major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing can easily identify link building practices that are not white hat one. You can get access to articles and references that provide guidelines regarding techniques of SEO link building to be followed, and those that need to be avoided. Even online encyclopedia like 'Wikipedia' also contains useful information about white hat and black hat SEO techniques.

The websites that use unethical ways of link building have higher chances of getting blacklisted by the search engines, giving loss to your online business. Thus industry experts always lay stress on using white hat techniques. To name a few back links from adult sites, link farms, gaming sites, too many links per day and those from banned websites can be categorized under black hat SEO links.

Websites need to build up a strong domain trust with the clients. For this you can consider getting back links from websites that have a good online reputation and is trusted one. Pay attention to which type of sites gives you links, and at any cost avoid getting it from bad reputation websites.

Another aspect to be taken care in link building is anchor text. Make it look spontaneous and relevant as possible. Some sites use similar anchor texts with keywords of same type, thus results in search engines penalizing your link. Be cautious in not exceeding in anchor text optimizing especially of catchy phrases.

The place where you position the links to your website carries importance and affects the visibility factor. When you place a link of your website's product or service on a web page with quality content then, its value would definitely go up. So experts always recommend to place links inside site content. Avoid the footer links as they are not observed so often and is less effective too. Page rank value of a web page where you place the link also matters, as these pages have higher hits and site traffic.
by: Alan Smith

sources : articlecity

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