1 Juli 2010

Role Of Link Building In Search Engine Ranking

Link building is one of the many methods of search engine optimization (SEO). Link building is the process of acquiring links from relevant Web sites. Many SEO UK companies offer link building services to clients worldwide.

According to search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, it is important to have organic links in a Web site. SEO UK experts say effective links in a Web site can have many benefits.

There are two ways to build links: inbound links and outbound links. Inbound links refer to the links coming to your Web site from other sources, whereas outbound links refer to the links contained in your Web site that direct users to different Web sites.

SEO UK companies believe that before opting for link building, we should consider the following:

Who Should Link To You (inbound links)

When seeking sites to link to your Web site, there are certain things to consider:

• Whether they can contend with your Web site

• Does the Web site you are linking is related to your content.

• How search engines rate this Web site.

• How many external links are there in the Web site.

SEO UK professionals believe that while it is good to have links with Web sites that offers the same product or service as you do, it is not advisable to link with you immediate competitors. The best links, which Google and others favor, are the links from Web sites that share related information. These links are considered natural because they provide more information to users.

While accepting link you should consider the page rank of the Web site. With the new Google toolbar, you can see the page rank of the Web site instantly. Linking with a highly ranked Web site is always an advantage because their page rank will complement that of yours.

Next, you should consider how many links are there in the Web site you are linked to. If there are hundreds of other Web sites linked to it, the value of each link will be reduced. The position of the link is also important – whether it is placed in the home page or inner pages, etc.

Who Should You Link To (Outbound links)

You should consider the above criteria for outbound links as well. It is always important to have quality Web sites linked to you. Reciprocal links (two-way links) are not always a good option. The less the number of reciprocal links, the better is it for you.

SEO UK experts say link building should be done to improve the quality of your Web site. The focus of link building services should be to share maximum information to users on their topics of interest. Simultaneously, you can also impress the search engines. A Web site having more useful backlinks scores better in search engine ranking.

Link building can also harm the Web site if done in an unethical manner. Some sites befool search engines by resorting to meaningless link exchange ways among ‘similar-looking’ Web sites. This is called link farming. Search engines punish the Web sites, which fall back to such illegal practices, say SEO UK companies.
by: John Anthony

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