21 Juni 2010

Tips Healthy Relationship with Friends

Meet new friends? This must happen naturally and not infrequently we are usually too much talking, bla bla bla smoothly, suddenly became quiet, nervous, and confused what to do... So that we can stay relaxed and not awkward, run out of conversation, here are some ways we can do.

1. Start a Conversation with The thing that is certain
Often occurred in our minds, if we're talking new acquaintances premises (Do not know-don't think pretentious and cocky near future) we can start the conversation by asking his/her address. job, hobbies, or anything else that has been sure. But we do not be disappointed when a new friend we just answer "yes" and "no" even keep silent. Just assume that is not the time that we can be acquainted. Avoid negative mind and try on other occasions.

2. Never Criticizing Yourself
Hearer fears will be assessed is the biggest obstacle to talking with others. In Psychology known as the "Self Criticism". Fear the above is a form of excessive self-criticism. So that we could successfully interact with new friends then we should be able to control the self-critical.

3. Praising Never Easy
Do not at once give criticism with the praise of someone such as we meet pen pal, then we say "Oh you proved you are more beautiful than before." He could have thought that once she has never looked pretty.

4. Do not Talk Yourself
We will be judged kindly if we give opportunity to others to speak. Give these questions so that he goaded brief story, until we find the topic interesting and liked our new friend. But lest the impression we are doing the interrogations, because it could have the atmosphere will be ruined.

5th. Friendly Body Language
Posture raises revenue with a smile and openness will attract the attention of our new friends. For a long face and hands folded discouraged our new friend to talk with us.

6. Equally Dividing Attention
If at the same time we find some new friends at the same time, divide the conversation in the midst of them, involving a variety of topics. Do not let our conversation centered on one person only. Because it would be an awful if we ignore others.

7. Avoid debate
Avoid conversations that can lure the debate and did not wear on your conversational partner. Moreover, the conversation that contains difference sustenance would be nice when talking about things that are neutral and light-light course.

8. Be a Good Listener
If we do not know what we should talk about, just listen to our speaker. Give feedback with comments that are fresh, so the other person feel appreciated and respected our conversation.

9. Ducking Art
When we feel our new friend is a boring speaker (just talking about the workshop or hobby with a boxing match, then when he was looking for our next topic of conversation could be argued, "I'm sorry there a need for a moment" or some other reason. Do not let her know that we avoid it.

10. Sense of Humor
With a sense of humor, the atmosphere will be warm and add to our intimacy. We will be personally attractive with light humor and likable conversational partner. Origin not to offend and we do not become the object of ridicule offend prior to others' feelings.
I hope this article facilitate introductions to your prospective new friends, and further strengthen cooperative relations with your comrades. And add new knowledge and experience.
May this helpful for you. For the next topic would be good relationship within a family.
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