17 Juni 2010

Search Engine Optimization Tips That Guarantee Your Webpage Is Engine Program Friendly

An enemy of search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of flash movies. At all cast avoid placing animated movies that use flash software in front of your web pages. This is because engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo are specifically designed to read text and not flash images though they may appear attractive. The same also applies to your menu category; do not hide you navigation links behind images.

The navigation links assists in determining the content in your web pages thus play a major role in search engine optimization. It is crucial that the keywords you use on your categories are easily identifiable by engine programs like Crawler and Robot therefore hierarchy your web pages according to importance for placement.

As earlier mentioned, search engine optimization is about textual information and not graphic. But in case you want your images to be picked by engine crawlers, it is advisable to include title tags with popular keywords. For example, you can rename your JPEG images and include keywords. Therefore, an image of a building with the name like "c5388b.jpg" can be renamed to "building.jpg". This will improve and optimize your search results of the keyword, "building".
Title tags or ALT tags play an important role in search engine optimization in regards to image in that, you can insert common keywords that are more targeted. All said and done, the design of your blog or website should be friendly to engine programs.

Let no one tell you that you need to be an online marketing guru to take advantage of this crucial free online marketing strategy. This then means that lack of capital should not be an excuse for you to also get free targeted organic traffic. The whole idea of SEO marketing is content generation.

Learn other valuable Search Engine optimization tactics that will guarantee you targeted organic traffic thus generate free online business leads.
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