28 Juni 2010

8 Quick Steps to High PageRank

In this day and age where competition is so stiff, having a good PageRank for your website to survive in the clutter is very important.
There are several way of doing it but a combination of technique and common sense is what I suggest will take you closer to your target. Getting the help of a professional SEO agency can be the most cost effective solution in the long run, but through sustained effort, you can also achieve a high page rank for your website yourself.

It’s actually quite simple. Follow these 8 simple and quick steps for your website and you will see the result instantly.

Write quality content

The content you write for your website should be informative, unique and relevant. Remember that it is very important to provide fresh but significant information as it goes a long way. Only good content will keep your readers glued to you. Google loves frequent visitors and that is exactly what will give you your desired PageRank.

Optimize your keywords well

This is probably the most difficult part. Targeting the right keywords play a vital role in SEO. So choose your keywords and phrases carefully as it can affect your site’s PRV. The key is to make a list of important keywords and use them cautiously throughout the website.

Create strong backlinks

Try and link to other quality sites similar to yours. Your Google PageRank will automatically increase with the number of good links you have pointing back at your site. However, these inbound and outbound links need to be related because if not, there is a possibility of being penalized by Google.

Make use of directory submissions

Good search engine directory submissions are always healthy for your website. So do some research and submit your site to popular directories to increase your chances of getting listed on popular search engines. They may not be free and so difficult to get but do not stop here. Dig furtherStart writing reviews

This may sound like a waste of time but it can boost your PageRank drastically. Write reviews on anything you like. The trick is to simply add your original link in that review.

Join forums

Forums are great places to associate with a large number of people at the same time. Here you can promote your product, exchange any kind of information and even post your link and refer people to it. You can also add a comment to your URL which will get readers curious and in turn increase traffic to your site. So be active, network as much as possible.

Start your own blog post

Blogging today is more than just a way of expressing your feelings or displaying your creativity. Marketers have realized that blogs attract traffic naturally, so can you! Start your own blog post associated to your website. Encourage people to participate in discussing new ideas, ask questions and offer advice. You will automatically promote your business and see your page rank rising.

Check your internal links and sitemap

Make sure your site is in working condition. Remove or repair broken links if any. Check your sitemap and all internal navigational links. No one likes to visit sites that are misleading.

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by: Mary Ann Johnson

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  1. Nice article, I just wanna add more item , just two item, :

    1. always blogwalking , by add a comment on others blog.
    2. Find high quality back link from facebook, twitter.

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  2. oke..,
    thank you..,
    nanti saya akn kunjung balik


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