29 Juni 2010

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Most search engine optimization strategies fail to reach their goals because they only focus on a limited number of easy and obvious steps. To truly make a successful investment in marketing via Search Engine Optimization it is necessary to make a planned, concerted effort using a complete spectrum of proven methods and practices. To get you started we have compiled a list of what we consider the very basic, bare minimum of SEO approaches every company should take.

Create a full and informative site.Search engines are looking to rank the most informative and relevant sites. You want to be listed as the indisputably #1-ranked flexi-widget expert Make your site the indisputable destination for all information about flexi-widgets. No amount of SEO will help you get a higher ranking more than making your site as exhaustively informative about everything possible to do with your product.

Make sure you build on solid foundations!Too many designers focus all their efforts on a impressive and effective home page. SEO experts know that every page of a well-constructed site will come under the scrutiny of the search engine and therefore deserves just as much focus.

In other words:

• Every page should be properly titled. The title should not only reflect what is found on the page but hopefully contain a keyword or two.

• Meta tags may be in dispute as to their overall effectiveness in regards to certain search engine algorithms, but it never hurts to add more information and keywords to your page, especially since it costs nothing and is never seen by surfers on your site. That said, less can be more. Focus on your primary keywords and only include those that have direct relevance to the page you are tagging. When filling in the Meta Description tag it pays to be succinct and precise. Don't overload this tag with a spammy block of keywords. Write one sentence that describes the page and includes the keyword or words most relevant to the page.

• Remember, search engines rarely if ever resolve JavaScript tags and can't see Flash content at all. Relying on either of these to hold your site together be prepared to see a pretty low page rank ceiling for your site.

• When structuring the text on the page itself use your keywords in powerful and appropriate places, as paragraph headers, text links and in image captions. Do not just stuff keywords into text at random.

• Make sure all images have proper ALT image tags, which include keywords when appropriate.

Show the spider around your web.Every site should have a sitemap for robots and spiders. They are free and indispensable when it comes to getting the most from your SEO.

Site First, Keywords later.You may think you have a good idea what your keywords are but what you think doesn't matter much. If you've got a robust and comprehensive website, let the SEO experts decide what keywords best represent you. A number of services out there, (including Google itself) will do a keyword evaluation of your site for free. It's such a useful resource it'll feel like cheating, but it's not!

All keywords are not created equal.You'll need to pick half a dozen of your top keywords and use them as your primaries. Try and think of them as your 'main characters' in your SEO strategy 'story'. Even though secondary and tertiary keywords are still important (and necessary) it's the primary keywords that the 'audience' really wants to get to know the most about. Use secondary and tertiary keywords in concert with your primary keywords to help create interest in the lower rand keywords as well as providing variety in the instances of your primary keywords.

Your domain should be contain your primary keyword.Sure, Google, Apple and Yahoo don't have to deal with the hassle of doing this but YOU aren't them, so if it's flexi-widgets you are trying to sell flexi-widgets.com is the best domain name for you. Don't overdo it though, flexi-widgets_flexible_widgetry_widget_outlet.com is not only clunky but it runs the risk of you getting slammed by negative keyword ranking!

Make sure you have a top level domain for your geographic target market.When selling your services in foreign markets it is essential that you have representation in that country's geographic TLD. E.G. If you want to be highly ranked in Sweden you had better have a .SE domain that resolve to your main page.
by: Kathryn Dawson

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