15 Juli 2010

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, tells you tales of strong willed people who didn’t give up and didn’t conform. The background of the novel is set against the America (after industrial revolution), the protagonist of the novel is a corporate executive called Dagny Taggart during an economic crisis which is caused by a corrupt government and liberal philanthropists. She is a struggling person who is fighting both the government and Galt who is destroying the economy of the world. Till late in the book Dagny Taggart is not taken by Galt who believes she is not ready to let go the world she lives in.

A Genius

Another character is Hank Rearden, who owns Rearden steel. He has discovered a new metal alloy which is cheaper and stronger than steel. His efforts to produce and promote the new metal are thwarted by corrupt scientists who simply say the market is not ready for it. The Washington budget is directly financed by the steel industry, which explains the collusion of the government. There are problems galore in his family life because all his family members are not comfortable with his ingenuity though they still accept his support. The character of Hank Rearden represents the second awakening in which he knows about the hypocrisy though he doesn’t know about the larger conspiracy.

Another Genius

Francisco D’Anconia is another pivotal character who was called a genius at a young age since he excelled in virtually all areas he touched. He works along with Jon Galt to destroy the world economy. He invests in a copper mine in Mexico, which is a private property. He does so with the knowledge that the corrupt government would also follow him, later when the mind is nationalized, the government loses all the investments.

The Mastermind

The mastermind of it all is Jon Galt, who graduated at the time when the government control was taken by extremist leftists. He decides to stop the world economy engine once to purge the wicked. One by one, he does it all, by enticing greats into starting something and then leaves midway. He represents the stage of aggression and rebirth. He is against anti creativity and taking mindset that exists at that time.

The Book Predicts What Is Happening Today

The most efficient transcontinental railroad in the country is being operated by Dagny Taggart who doesn’t understand why those who depend on her success are against her. The great minds of the world are vanishing from the earth one by one, which makes it difficult for her to run a capitalist business in the face of a corrupt government. The book very accurately predicts what is happening in Washington every day. The author says the sole source of human success is man’s mind and the government which limits human growth is condemned by her.
by Ayn Rand

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